About Anna

I am Anna Caterina Florio!

I am the Author of the Upcoming Book “The Wise Woman Way to Avoid Burnout.   Practical Tips and Mystical Ways to Master Your  Energies”.

With over 33 years of experience, it is fair to say that I have gathered a considerable amount of knowledge and insight.

Over the years I have developed my healing ability and now hold qualifications in many areas as listed below.

My unique offering is in my ability to bring elements of these skills to our transformative coaching programs.

I am also a

Transformation & Self-Empowerment Coach

Spiritual Life Coach

Healing Master & Teacher


Holistic Health Practitioner & Teacher

Motivational Speaker

Teacher in the fields of Personal and Spiritual Development

Radio Reporter

TV Personality

Spiritual Healer

Medu Neteru Sekhem Master & Teacher (Ancient Egyptian Healing)

Crystal Healer

Reiki Master

Theta Healer

BARS Access Consciousness practitioner

Certified Specialist in The Book of Life (Akashic Records)

Past Life Regression Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

Palm & Tarot Psychic Reader

Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner

Kabbalah Student


Jewellery Designer


I am also one of the authors of the collective book “The Journey Behind: The Tale of High Profile Professionals”  To buy her book go to

The Journey Behind is a collective tale of high profile professionals who besides all their successful achievements, decided to share their story and insights in various topics with the world through this book. They have not only shared their stories but each one of them, have gone the extra mile to offer some powerful practical tips on several different topics which will eliminate the thought of doubt in ‘self’ and promote positive attitude towards greatness.