For the heart-centered solopreneur who is feeling weary

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If you are a heart-centered solopreneur you have probably gone quite a few times  through what I am about to describe.

You know the scenario:  you tried a few jobs in your 20’s but did not feel too inspired or you outgrew them; at some point you started to get a hint about what you really wanted to do or what you were good at or about the change you could bring to the World, either through a yearning that didn’t go away or through a clarity of intent that made the journey easier.

You started listening to your heart more, your soul’s voice grew stronger and at a certain point you got “the call” that inspired you to go solo, transform the world with your actions and “make a difference”.

Do you still remember it? Very well!

To begin with, perhaps, you’ve struggled to set up the business, to get to a certain level of expertise and notoriety, to get recognised for what you did.

Probably, all along, you knew you were very good at “it” anyway, but other people needed to recognise it too.

After a while you knew you actually got good at “it” because clients started referring their friends to you, life became more comfortable.

Sure there were still some bumps in the road but things finally started to go your way …and then the dreaded plateau.

Both in my experience and listening to what my clients have told me over the years, often times the plateau is reflected by a kind of stagnation in the business, but what’s actually going on is something completely different: you are no longer the person who started your business a few years ago and your business needs to adapt to the newer version of you!

Easy, right?? Wrong!

Because what you probably didn’t realise is that you grew exponentially while you were growing the business and putting the world to right.

It’s a bit like looking at your children: one minute they are crawling on the floor or hugging you with their chubby arms and the next minute they are getting ready to go to their school disco or packing to go to University! They were under your eyes all the time…but time flew and somehow you have a young adult in front of you now!

So, back to you!

“OK! I can handle this!” you say confidently to yourself!

You check if the business name still reflects your values and what you do, you look at other businesses to see if what they are doing and how they are doing it is more suitable to what you want to do, you probably discuss it with quite a few people to gain more clarity, you go through the motions…and that’s when the Gremlins and the Dragons come and visit!

All the doubts that used to keep you awake at night make a glorious come back, like a successful theatre production, and start to get the encore with standing ovation, so they make sure they keep on visiting you!

You look at “more successful” business owners that really look as if they got their sh*t together and glide effortlessly over the business waters (or so they seem!), while you are actually barely treading waters. “What is it that they’ve got and I don’t?”

Your business might still be going well, but you start to feel again that “hunger of the soul”, that divine discontent that tells you “this is not ‘it’! You must keep on soaring!”

That inner voice that got you searching in the first place makes a subtle appearance, and it gets louder and louder. No amount of meditation, Bach Flower Remedies, outings with the friends or creations of new products and services for your business (or whatever numbing method that has worked in the past) can shut it up!

Some people call it mid-life crisis, but did you notice that the crisis is coming earlier and earlier?

And if you are like me, at some point, you ask yourself

“Remind me: what exactly did I start all this for? And why am I still doing it?”

Because chances are that life knocked the wind out of you several times and you kept on getting up, but it got to a point where you think “Perhaps my life would have been easier if I just stuck to a 9-5 job. May be I should have played it safe and have a ‘normal’ life.”

All the sleepless nights, the tears cried in silence when people were not looking, all the “I am doing really great!” said while your heart was having palpitations, all the doubts about “Have I bitten more than I can chew?”, the endless explanations & justifications that you had to give to the well meaning people who would genuinely not be able to understand why you would put yourself through all this, the financial struggles, the “find the work, do the work, drum up more work, forget about paid holidays & sickness benefits” endless cycle, the being almost constantly out of your comfort zone, the 1000 and 1 things/week-ends/celebrations you missed in order to build your business.

Well…this is the time when they all start to feel like a big weight has been put over your heart and you start dithering.

I hear you! But I also tell you what

Through gritted teeth and tears in your eyes, for God sake please, remember your “Why“!!

Why did you want to make a difference?

What was the song in your heart? Can you still sing it?

How did the World look in your vision after you made your contribution?

Because, you see, the World still needs you and your beautiful dreams! We still need you to bring your gifts to the Universe so we can all enjoy them together.

You didn’t go through all these trials and tribulations for nothing! You went through them so you could teach someone else how to get out of them without suffering as much as you did! You can be a beacon of light for someone else. And even this last experience will come up for the good of all!

The type of people you wanted to help when you started your adventure still need you and your beautiful heart!

Sure the dreams can change, but “the call” is the same!

Remember how amazing you are! Just take a mirror and look straight into your eyes: reconnect to your soul!
Remember the smile on the faces of the people you’ve helped in the past!  Look at their testimonials: You helped make the difference in their lives! You did it!

Talk to your friends: why are they your friends? What difference does your presence make in their lives?

You are a very important thread in the tapestry of someone’s life: make sure to be the element that makes it a masterpiece!

You are evolving and it is normal to get weary sometimes, but please don’t give up now!

“Remember: You’re already connected

to everything you think

is missing from your life.

All you need is a

conscious realignment

so that your thoughts begin

to match up

vibrationally with Spirit,

which you know

is a part of you already.” ~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

 And also remember: all this is only temporary and it will pass!

Very soon you will grow stronger again, you will find your way, you will shine your light.

You are just having a detour and it would be a pity to destroy everything you already built!

Just because you have a puncture in one tyre you are not going to slash the other 3 tyres too, right?

Come on! You can do it!

Allow yourself space to breathe and reconnect to your Wise Woman and Wise Man inside.

Ask for help! You will be surprised how many people will be happy to do it!

If you need support I am here for you: Book a complimentary call and let’s see what can be done to get you energised and enthusiastic again!

With Love,

Anna Florio – The Wise Woman Program