“I completed Anna’s 3-month Wise Woman Program.
The techniques that Anna used throughout the program and her personality made every session unique and equally valuable.
She combined methods of healing with methods of very profound self-discovery and self-empowerment.

Anna’s warm personality made it easy for me to open up about areas in my life where I needed to transform.
I made several breakthroughs during the program that changed my perception on fundamental aspects of my life, and as a result,    I am now in a much happier place and I am a more confident woman than ever before.

I am very happy that I made the decision to sign up for this program. I highly recommend it to any woman of any age.”

~ D. Nagy ~


I just wanted to share that a few days ago I had the most incredible session with Anna Caterina Florio.

She described it as a Tarot Reading, but this description totally doesn’t do justice to what she actually does and the deep universal wisdom that she is able to tap into.

I was actually a little hesitant about going as I’m not someone particularly interested in “fortune telling” or “looking into the future”. And if I’m honest I mainly went because she is a client of mine, someone who has supported me a lot at my events, and because it was easy as she lives fairly close to me.
But that hesitation just shows how much I misunderstood about Anna’s work.

What I actually got was an in depth reading from a very wise lady.
A reconfirmation of certain things that I already “know” but sometimes doubt, and some deep insights into some trickier situations within my life and my business that left me going “Aha! of course”.

It’s quite hard to put this into words but Anna is definitely a Wise Woman with an incredible gift and from now on she’s going to be a key part of my support network as I continue to grow in business and in life.

If you are looking for confirmation of being on the right track, guidance about what the right track really is, or a deeper level of insight into any situations that are challenging or confusing you at the moment then Anna is your lady.

I can’t recommend her too highly.

Thank you Anna – I’ll be back
~ C. Watkin


“Thank you Anna Caterina Florio for such an amazing healing session last night.
Me feeling very very good and balanced.
You are so right: 9 months is nothing in comparison to 24 years smile emoticon
Love it
Watch out for my holiday pic xx”
Maya Petrova